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Occasionally Asked Questions

Website Security

I include a basic SSL certificate with my managed hosting package. This will be sufficient for encrypting data transfer for most websites. It will also give your website the padlock icon in the address bar, ensuring your visitors that they are safe to browse your site.

A live SSL certificate also makes Google happy and is currently a positive SEO ranking factor.


Search engine optimisation is a wide topic but simply, it is split into on-site SEO and off-site SEO.

On-site SEO has to be a consideration from the start and it is everything we can do to make your website attractive to search engines. It means the code is optimised to give you the best possible opportunity to rank well in search. With an in-depth understanding of the ever changing requirements, on-site SEO is included in all web development.

Off-site SEO is essentially the digital marketing which promotes your site. Search engines will look at factors such as the quality of other websites which link to yours as an indicator of how valuable your site is, placing you in search results accordingly. I will usually leave this part up to you, but can advise on best practice.

Server & Hosting

I offer a managed hosting package for £20 p/m. This means I can ensure your website stays updated with latest firmware, secure and operational.

This also includes unlimited email accounts on your domain ( and a free SSL certificate for life (security padlock in the browser). I will aid in setting up email addresses with your email clients and mobile devices if you want me to.

If you choose my hosting package I can also ensure your website loads fast and manage any server side issues.

Stock Images

Anywhere you might want to use stock images on your site, I can recommend the best places for unlicenced and licenced resources.



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